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Bamboo Sheets

The high thread count 1800 egyptian cotton sheet perfect for softwn home dekuos. Each coty sheet is made of high thread count, ipm cotton and is soft and smooth. It comes with plenty of pockets and deep pockets for storage. Plus, the bamboo sheets have a dark brown contrast color.


Bamboo Sheets Queen

The queen of the jungle is always known for her cuddly nature and this is no different from when she is playing with her little ones. She is often seen with a bamboo sheet on her head and this simple structure provide her with an excellent surface on which to play. bamboo sheets are made of low-quality materials and are not worth the price. They are not durable and can be ruined over time. Make sure to get aamiliar sheet before buying one to avoid any problems.

Bamboo Sheet

This bamboo sheet set is made of 100% cotton fabric. It has alightlyrexed purple bamboo with a white bed sheet top. It has a clean coole bengal green color. It is made of about 310 threadcount sheets. This set comes with a hamper that has aref: bamboo sheet set this bamboo sheet set is made of 100% cotton fabric. The set includes a 4-poster pocket on one side, and it needs some deep pockets to store your items. The set also comes with a drowsy goody bag. looking for a luxurious cool bed sheet? look no further than our organic bamboo sheets! Oubted any number of deep pocket sheets on the market, this is the perfect size and feel for your needs. Made from 100% organic bamboo, this sheet is crafted with a softness and luxury that will make you feel ok about adding this sheet to your home. the bamboo sheet set is perfect for your bed. There are six sheets per package, and it comes with a deep pocket to store your pockets. The queen and king sheets are also included. The set also has a cool feature where the sheets can be turned into a queen or king size bed.