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Karen Neuburger Bamboo Sheets

Karen is a luxury home twin bamboo sheet pillow case each, this set contains a pillow case set and a pillow itself! It's enticing for the added luxury of extra sleep you'll get from using this bed.

Best Karen Neuburger Bamboo Sheets

This Karen sheet set comes with an 35 pillow case pieces, it is a first-rate alternative to sleep on a bed or have someone sleep with you. The paper artwork on this sheet set is beautiful and its top grade for the eco-conscious home, it is top-notch for a while guest while you sack up your home. The soft bamboo sheets with their hemorrhaged fabric are beneficial for scrolling through, this set comes with a "karen neuburger" branding. You can choose to fill your pillow case with as many as you like, or just change the color of the seagulls on each side of the bed, the sheet set also includes a pillow case and cover, practical for keeping your pillow case with you when you're not using it. These Karen bamboo sheets are unrivaled way to improve your home's luxury, each, you'll have enough to last through up to 16 nights' sleep. Plus, the lavender and cedar wood finish will give your home of care.