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Kassatex Bamboo Sheets

Basics sheet set with large tote and soft bamboo sheets, this set is good for a small room or for people who need a single sheet to make a sleeping environment. The basics set is produced of high quality sheets that are sure to make a difference in your bedroom.

Cheap Kassatex Bamboo Sheets

Looking for a luxurious sheet set that offers first-rate comfort? Then vet this bamboo sheet set! This set includes 4 sheets, each of which is a new, king-sized, luxury sheet, the set includes an 4-pk. Of the set, which will feel like your own little bedding set, the cotton bamboo sheet set is like no other, with its soft, luxurious feel. The sheet set is first-class for any bed who wants the perfect, comfortable sleep, the basics sheet set is a beneficial alternative to keep your bedding fresh and hunting new. This set includes a wide variety of white sheets, a bedding rack and a few helpful instructions, the sheets are soft, soft, and basic to care for, so you can be sure they will last. The set includes a main sheet, a pull sheet and a sleep sheet, the main sheet is manufactured of 100% bamboo and is right-heightened for a comfortable position. The pull sheet is manufactured of polyester and is themed "with love" with kassatex's designs, the sleep sheet is manufactured of 100% bamboo and is themed "with love" with kassatex's designs. The sheet set includes a queen-sized bed with two beds below, and two sets of comparable sheets on each bed, the set also includes a set tiles by which will help keep your sheets clean and comfortable.