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Malouf Bamboo Sheets

Looking for a comfortable and stylish sheet to sleep on? Look no further than the malouf bamboo sheets! These sheets are made of 100% wool and are available in a number of different colors and styles. Whether you're looking for a night time sheet or a day time sheet, these sheets will do the job!

Malouf Woven Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set

If you're looking for a stylish sheet to keep your home looking impeccable, look no further than the malouf woven rayon bamboo sheet. This set contains aiatrics weighty cotton linen and the perfect mix of bright green and black hued bamboo. The sheet is sure to create a look of sophistication and is made to be a valuable addition to your home.

Woven Bamboo Sheet

This is a split bamboo sheet set that will fit as a white king sheet or a gently used set. It is made of bahrain-made woven bamboo and is gently used. It measures about 30" wide x 60" long. the malouf bamboo bed sheet set is a great way to keep your bedding looking new and in a variety of different colors. This set includes a malouf bamboo sheet, bedspread, and a unique baroshes bowtie tie. The bed sheet is a light green color and is made up of bamboo sheet and yellow stripe. The set also has a unique baroshes bowtie tie and is made of 100% bamboo. this set contains 100 bamboo sheets each with a design inspired by the mastermakers from ashkenazi jewish tradition. This set is perfect for that special someone who loves spending time with you and bringing the family. The set comes with a king ash red obi screen with white stitching. the malouf bamboo sheet set is a great way to get a new sense of the style of your choice. With different shades of bamboo, this set provides a changing in looks for the house. The set is also great for home improvement or interior design purposes.